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Pants comprise basic clothing for men.

Features :
  • Knitted pants
  • Available in cotton or poly-cotton
  • Highly quality fabric
  • Priced competitively
  • Formal and casual pants
Specifications :
  • Fabric Available

    : Available the smallest to the biggest size pantss

  • Colors

    : pastels, whites and creams

  • Fabric Type

    : All season clothing

  • Size

    : full length pants with regular fit and mid waist length

  • High quality fabric with minimal repair
  • Washing machine friendly

We offer a wide range of full length formal pants which are ideal to be worn for work or business meetings. The pants are made from different fabrics; they are competitively priced and are of high quality. They are usually made from fabrics like cottons, poly-cotton, nomex and denim cotton. They are easy to launder and require minimal care.


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